Comprehensive dental rehabilitation under general anaesthesia


Comprehensive dental rehabilitation under general anaesthesia


Procedures done under general anaesthesia can currently only be performed at the clinic in Košice

What is general anaesthesia?

General anaesthesia (GA) serves to relieve feeling pain during treatment and surgery. At the same time, anaesthesiologic processes are used to control vital bodily functions, especially respiration and blood circulation during and after a surgery. Anaesthesia is performed by a doctor – an anaesthesiologist – along with his or her assistant. General anaesthesia (narcosis) is a state of controlled unconsciousness, similar to restful sleep.

Comprehensive remediation

During treatment, the patient lies in a dental chair or on an operating table, depending on the complexity and type of procedure. While the patient is under general anaesthesia, the dentist will perform all scheduled therapeutic procedures that were agreed upon in advance. If possible, the aim of treatment under general anaesthesia is to perform all treatments so that the patient wakes up with completely reconstructed teeth. A dentist who has sufficient good experience with this type of treatment is able to perform practically all common dental procedures – filling teeth, root canals, cleaning teeth of tartar, simple but also complicated tooth extractions (e.g. wisdom teeth), grinding teeth for crowns, bridges and the subsequent making of impressions, as well as placing dental implants and complicated maxillofacial operations.

For what patients do we recommend a comprehensive rehabilitation under GA? 

  • insurmountable fear of treatment

  • mental disability

  • unmanageable gag reflex

  • patient request

Before the procedure

The consultation is used to assess the state of your teeth. First, an X-ray is taken and then your doctor proposes a plan of with a cost calculation. The preoperative examinations that a patient must undergo are an important element of treatment under general anaesthesia.

After the procedure

After waking up at the clinic, the patient remains under the supervision of doctors for another two hours, if not longer. Depending on the stabilization of the patient’s condition and based on the decision of the anaesthesiologist, the patient then goes home accompanied by another adult.

Why this treatment?

  • top-notch equipment
  • modern inpatient department
  • highly qualified team
Price of treatments
Description Duration Price *
Mucosal anaesthesia 5 - 10 min 6 €
Mandibular anaesthesia 5 - 10 min 20 €
Probat. excision under GA 156 €
Extraction of several teeth under GA 300 €
DACH activities under GA for polyv. AA 336 €
DACH activities under local anaesthetic with ger. and risk. 386 €
Op. EOM v CA 384 €
Lifting of the zygomatic complex 421 €
Repositioning and fixation of fractures of the alveolar made of Mn 360 €
Extirpation of a dental cyst 386 €
Deepening the vest. in Mx and Mn. 403 €
Closure of the vestibulonas or CON 300 €
Extirpation of the parotid gland 420 €
Extirpation of benign or malignant TU skin + lobe 120 €
Extirpation or LU biopsy from 1 locality 120 €
Extirpation Of a lymphangioma 120 €
Extirpation of a haemangioma 120 €
Necrectomy under GA 240 €

* Prices are orientational only | The final price depends on the complexity and range of the interventions, which we will confirm upon consultation | The price list is valid from 7.2.2020

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