Periodontitis is a dangerous disease in which not only the teeth but also the overall condition of the body suffers. We must treat periodontitis very carefully, because this problem often occurs in people with impaired functions of various organs.

Health problems that lead to a greater propensity for periodontitis: 

  • Diabetes    

  • Cardiovascular system disorders    

  • Hypovitaminosis    

  • Digestive system disorders

The first symptoms of periodontitis are a reddening and bleeding of the gums. When eating solid food, you may notice bloody marks on the food after biting it. Also, blood appearing when you brush your teeth is a sufficient signal for an immediate visit to a dentist. Later, sensitivity to hot and cold occurs, the gums burn and bleed and teeth are exposed.

In the very advanced stage of the disease, treatment of periodontitis requires a great deal of time and effort not only for the dentist, but also the patient. More time is needed to stabilize the course of the disease, which requires a certain amount of patience from the patient. In some cases, open curettage – surgical therapy is performed.

Treatment of periodontitis

Treatment of periodontitis runs smoothly and painless only in the initial phases. In the later phases, when the disease affects the bone tissue and the root of the tooth, it is expected that the tooth can no longer be saved. With early treatment, the risk of losing teeth at an early age decreases. 

DENTALCENTER deals with the treatment of teeth at various levels of complexity. The dentists at our clinic recommend that you see a doctor regularly to prevent more serious and dangerous diseases. We approach the treatment of periodontitis very carefully, regardless of the stage of the disease. Only an experienced specialist is able to quickly determine the presence of problems in a patient, even though the patient is not yet complaining. At our clinic you can get an individual consultation about proper oral care. You’ll learn what resources you need to use to strengthen the enamel and bone tissue of your teeth. Our specialists will be happy to tell you how to correctly use tooth/interdental brushes and dental floss without damaging healthy tissues. All the factors of proper dental care affect the health of the oral cavity. Improper cleaning of the teeth can lead to exposing the roots of the teeth or damaging the gums, where sores can occur. In some cases, when a tooth is attacked by tooth decay and the patient has not seen a dentist, the tooth gradually disintegrates and the pulp becomes infected. In case of complicated inflammation of the teeth (periodontitis), it’s possible to treat the root canals under a microscope at our clinic. With a very severe disease course, surgery cannot be avoided, because the damaged tooth has to be extracted to avoid endangering the patient’s.

The absence of significant symptoms does not mean that the problem has not occurred. In general, the disease does not make itself known for a long time, and pain and discomfort appear only after the infection has spread. Like complicated dental caries, periodontitis can develop into a dangerous infectious disease. Pus works on the tissue surrounding the tooth and can even cause sepsis! If the festering subsides spontaneously, there is a feeling of relief, but this does not mean that the problem is solved. In any case, surgery is needed to clean the infected site and remove the cause to prevent further spread of the infection throughout the oral cavity and body.

A team of the best dentists will perform a thorough and painless examination and you will receive an individual consultation on the health of your teeth. If further treatment is needed, you’ll be under the supervision of qualified dentists from our DENTALCENTER clinic. Doctors will provide you with the best treatment using top-notch equipment and modern quality materials.

The basis of our work with patients is a thorough examination and comfortable services. DENTALCENTER will provide every member of your family a beautiful and healthy smile.


Why this treatment?

  • highly qualified personnel
  • expertise
  • caring approach
Price of treatments
Description Duration Price *
Frenulectomy (surgical treatment of the frenulum) 87 €
Deep closed curettage for each tooth 25 €
Pulpotomy 40 €
Soft tissue excision – range up to 4 cm 48 €
Palatal graft (range 1-2 teeth or implants) 180 €
Palatal graft (range more than 1-2 teeth or implants) 270 €
Lifting of the mucoperiosteal lobe in the frontal section with gingiva and osteoplasty 200 €
Gingivoplasty (lobe surgery – displaced lobes) 82 €
Lifting of the mucoperiosteal lobe 47 €
Coronal shifted lobe (1 tooth) 75 €
Coronal shifted lobe (several teeth) 150 €
Elongation of a clinical tooth crown (periosurgical) 160 €
Gummy smile correction from 369€-499 €
Examination of bleeding intensity Index KOD, PBI + motivation and instructions – 10 min (removal of tartar + deposits - second and additional visit) 3 €

* Prices are orientational only | The final price depends on the complexity and range of the interventions, which we will confirm upon consultation | The price list is valid from 7.2.2020

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