A dental prosthesis is a complex biochemical construction that must replace a lost tooth and copy to the maximum extent the possible the parameters of a living tooth. The main task facing the doctors at our centre is to select a replacement design that not only replaces the missing teeth but also keeps the remaining teeth for as long as possible.

The quality of a prosthesis is conditioned by the qualification of the doctor, the dental technician and equipment of the dental centre. The prostheses available at the DENTALCENTER are at a high level of quality and available across the entire range of prostheses, and the methods and materials used are constantly being improved.

After the removal of a tooth or several teeth, many patients postpone the replacement of missing teeth indefinitely, without considering the consequences. The more time passes from their removal, the more complicated it becomes to resolve the problem.

In case of significant deformities of the teeth, the preparation of prostheses may include orthodontic treatment with preliminary surgical steps.


A micro-prosthesis is a modern and promising method of restoring teeth. The essence of the method is to recreate the missing part of the tooth from a ceramic material and to restore the colours, shape, transparency, gloss and resistance to abrasion.

Microprostheses include:   

  • in-lay (filling),    

  • on-lay,

  • facet (layer on the front of the teeth).

Ceramic fillings

In the past, aesthetics and functionality competed with one another, and one of them had to be sacrificed in the process of restoring teeth.

Today, it is possible to achieve both aims if the tooth restoration is done with the help of ceramic fillings.

It is not necessary to grind healthy dental tissues, as is sometimes the case with a dental prosthesis, such as a crown. The doctor will only remove the old filling and the tissues attacked by the caries and will then make a cast or scan the tooth.

The doctor will insert a temporary filling to wear while the production of the permanent ceramic filling is taking place. So that the filling is a natural continuation of the tooth, the colour and degree of lucidity must be set during its production.

Metal ceramics are used in the case of a long-term temporary prosthesis when implants are used. They are less often used with permanent prostheses, when the degree of damage to the tooth is so high that ensuring the strength of the structure is possible only with the help of a solid cast iron frame. The metal and ceramic materials are chosen according to the specific situation. Constructions made from alloys of precious metals (gold and platinum, gold and palladium) or titanium are especially of high quality.


The use of ceramics enables the metal frame to be left out, thanks to the application of solid and lucid the materials made of special ceramics (Empress, Zircon, Emasc).

If the tooth is very damaged and its root canals have already been treated, a crown needs to be inserted into such a tooth. In the past, metal-ceramic crowns were the only aesthetic way to insert a prosthesis. Their main disadvantage is the reflection of scattered light, which causes metal-ceramic crowns to look brighter than natural teeth.

Another big drawback of metal-ceramics is the formation of a grey shadow on the edge of the gums.

The optical properties of non-metallic all-ceramic materials enable whiteness to be achieved, as in the case of natural teeth, thanks to the absence of a metal frame, which is particularly desirable in the prostheses of crowns for the front teeth. Metal-free replacements are made of bioinert materials and thus do not cause allergic reactions.

Removable replacements

We recognize the following types:

  • removable with clasps    

  • flexi prostheses (flexible prostheses without metal clasps – more aesthetic, thinner and less conspicuous resin clasps) 

  • removable    with fasteners or telescoping, crowns

Prostheses for implants

Prostheses for implants are an independent area of prosthodontics requiring special knowledge on the part of the doctor. Individual crowns and bridges can be made for implants. In addition, they can serve as additional supports even with their own teeth or they can hold removable prostheses.

The advantage of implantation is that it is not necessary to grind healthy adjacent teeth beneath the crown.

Why this treatment?

  • quick access to an appointment
  • qualified personnel
  • expertise
  • modern equipment
  • quality of the materials
Price of treatments
Description Duration Price *
On-lay / In-lay – ceramic 389 €
On-lay / In-lay – composite 260 €
Composite crown 260 €
Temporary laboratory crown 130 €
Metal-ceramic crown – distal section 1 - 3 visits 260 €
Metal-ceramic crown on the front section 30 min 299 €
Metal-free aesthetic crown – distal section 1 - 3 visits 399 €
Metal-free aesthetic crown – frontal section 1 - 3 visits 445 €
Metal-ceramic bridge od 2x260 €
Metal-free bridge od 2x399 €
Adhesive bridge 90 - 120 min od 3x350 €
Imprints for temporary crowns, silicone key 15 - 30 min 19 €
Tooth grinding 30 min 24 €
Temporary resin crown 30 min 33 €
Imprints 30 min 24 €
Digital image of the teeth 35 €
Plaster model of the teeth made in the lab - 2 visits 35 €
Wax-up model of a tooth/visualization made in the lab - 2 visits 20 €
Smile design 50 €
Crown removal 30 min 22 €
Crown fixation 30 min 21 €
Partially removable replacement 60 min 290 €
Skeleton from a removable dental prosthesis 30 min 160 €
Total removable replacement 1-3 visits 299 €
Flexi dentures – acron 1-3 visits 699 €
Flexi dentures – vertex 1-3 visits 499 €
Skeletal prosthesis 1-3 visits 750 €
Movable joint 1-3 visits 1 joint/299 €
Space filler – removable replacement 15 min od 700 €
Space filler – temporary replacement year 15 min 129 €
Ball joint 15 min 299 €
Repair of a dental prosthesis od 65 €
Making of a prosthesis 95 €
Plates for relaxation 1-3 visits 129 €
Kois Deprogrammer 1 visit 135 €
Metal-ceramic implant crowns 2 visits 350 €
Metal-free crown for an implant 460 €
Temporary crown for an implant 130 €

* Prices are orientational only | The final price depends on the complexity and range of the interventions, which we will confirm upon consultation | The price list is valid from 7.2.2020

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